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Welcome to our website where you, in our tradition of hospitality are treated as King. Our top of the ladder services are deliberately client friendly, just as our Customer Relations people. Our Mission is to keep your business ahead of competitions with our IT Solutions.

As your strategic partner, our services help streamline your Business to focus on its core responsibilities instead of the technology that runs it which we take care of thereby helping you to become both more efficient and profitable. We are committed to partnering with our clients to use technology to achieve growth, innovation, and success in their businesses. This way, everyone becomes a winner.    

  • Virus detection, eradication and prevention

  • Complete data backup solutions

  • Assisted planning for network upgrades       Read More          

Enso Technologies Inc. is a technology solutions Company that blends creative and strategic planning with in-depth industry knowledge to deliver result oriented solutions to its clients' businesses. In this day and age, information technology has become the dependable foundation that a business ought to be built. Unquestionably, most businesses still stuck to old fashion techniques will remain in the cold facing the threat of possible extinction even without trying. Our services include IT consulting, IT staffing and outsourcing; and project management.  On behalf of our Board and Management, I have the honor to welcome you to our site and trust you will take advantage of this visit to explore our IT solutions and services as well as get to know us better. Use any of our Talk-back systems to let us hear from you. We trust you will constantly return here.

Best regards,
Emmanuel Ojeah, President                       
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About Us
 October 07, 2008

Data Warehousing
We are pleased to announce a new service, 'Data Warehousing' is from January, 2009 getting added to our array of services. Please watch out for additional information from the section. Meanwhile,all enquiries should be directed to

 October 10, 2008

ENSO - Your Strategic Partner
We recently rolled out a partnership strategy with both our ongoing and prospective clients in our bid to better serve their needs. By this, we no longer just have a Consultant-Client relationship, but work together as partners with mutual interests. To be a part of this scheme, contact us today at:

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